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Whole Building Life Cycle Assessments and Embodied Carbon

Build Environmental supports builders, architects, designers, home owners and policy makers in reducing the environmental impact of new buildings and renovations through a focus on embodied carbon

Embodied Carbon Consulting

Life Cycle Assessments for Buildings

Climate Smart Design and Material Recomendations

Currently, we are a proud analyst for the City of Nelson's award winning 'low carbon homes pilot'


Up to 11% of all human caused emissions on the planet are produced from the carbon footprint of building materials. Embodied carbon is the emissions associated with building materials calculated over the whole life cycle of a building. Including the raw extraction, manufacturing, and the emissions associated with transportation, maintenance, replacement, end of life and disposal.

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Using industry leading LCA software we focus on 'cradle to grave' emissions, these refer to all the GHG’s released from the extraction of resources to make building materials, right through to the demolition and disposal of the building at the end of it's life.


Once we know the embodied carbon associated with all aspects of the particular building project, we are able to add up the total and get a sense of your project's embodied carbon footprint. 


An embodied carbon analysis or LCA give you a sense of which materials or design elements are high in embodied carbon. From this we can make critical design decisions or substitute materials with lower embodied carbon alternatives. 

Its our mission to make the climate smart choices now so we can dramatically reduce the overall impact of each building project and the industry at large.

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