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Our Approach

Regularly the emissions associated with building materials used to reach high levels of energy efficiency can far outweigh the environmental gains of building energy efficient in the first place.
As buildings are fast becoming more energy efficient, the embodied carbon footprint is becoming more and more relevant. We believe in a holistic approach to reducing building emissions by focusing on both operation and embodied carbon emissions 


We are working towards a new standard for energy efficient, high performance houses—built with materials that are low in Embodied Carbon. It’s our passion to guide environmentally conscious homes for our future. 

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Using industry leading LCA software, we deliver reports on the precise amount of embodied carbon emissions associated with a building project.

Its our 18 years of actual hands on experience in the building industry that sets us apart. Through this we have developed a deep understanding of the building process and the embodied carbon associated with building materials. This deep understanding enables us to make informed design and material substitution suggestions so that you can reduce the overall impact of your building project. 


Tackling climate change shouldn’t come at an extra cost. 

Its our aim to guide climate smart buildings that don't impact overall build costs



We can support you at any stage of the building process through:

Life Cycle Assessments - Buildings

Embodied carbon consulting:

  • Design collaboration 

  • Low carbon building material integration

  • Comparative reporting

Municipality Support 


Our Story

"If I’m going to leave my mark on the world by building something that will stand for longer than I live, it needs to be done with as little of an environmental impact as possible."

- Mike Coen

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